Three Current Initiatives

  1. Tandem Trikes… This is how we began. Tandem Trikes will always be at the heart of Heather’s Ride. We strive to get an organization to donate a full bike for the community. We identify a partner to help us store the bike and help get families out on the trail. What makes these bikes stand out to us is their features. The child is UP FRONT! The rider in front is as engaged in the activity as they can be. If they can pedal, they pedal. If they can’t, or can only pedal a small amount, the bike can switch off the front pedals. The front seat is adjustable, front handlebars are adjustable. There are seat straps, and foot straps on the pedals.

2. Off Road Hand Cycles… Mtn Biking is a fast growing sport. aMTB is right behind it. Heather’s Ride wants to help get those with lower limb challenges out in the woods and get dirty! We recently started an aMTB Racing Team and these athletes competed in their first aMTB Downhill Race (Sept 2023). We have a Off Road Hand Cycle in our fleet and have just ordered a “Youth” Off Road Hand Cycle to arrive early 2024 to expand our reach to younger riders.

3. Pedals Possible… Our current premier initiative! This is a collaboration between The Heather’s Ride Program, Rotary Clubs and numerous generous partners. The goal is to provide adaptive bikes for schools to foster physical and emotional improvements in special needs classes.. We hope to take this partnership and place adaptive bikes into EVERY school with Special Needs Classes across the US!