The Heather’s Ride Program aims to offer an avenue allowing those with special needs the ability to participate in the thrill of riding a bike.

“Heather” Our Namesake – 1969-2023

This is Heather, the Program’s namesake.  Heather has Sturge-Weber, a severe and rather debilitating type of epilepsy.  After her third resective brain surgery, she has significant spasticity down her left side.  In spite of this, she rides an exercise bike almost 20 miles a day.  Her never give up attitude, strong faith and, focus on things she can do, has always inspired me.

Our Program color is Purple. Purple was Heather’s favorite color and the color for Epilepsy Awareness. A disease state we knew well.

Our Mission to eliminate barriers and create avenues for those with special needs, to have the opportunity to RIDE A BIKE! We try to accomplish this through three initiatives.

  1. Founding Initiative of “Tandem Trikes” (on City and County Trailways)
  2. Off Road Initiative of “aMTB” (off-road hand cycling)
  3. Current Premier Initiative of “Pedals Possible” (placing adaptive bikes into special needs classrooms)